Hi, my name is Sean Millhouse and I’ve been a Personal Trainer here in the Spring/Klein area for over 21 years now.

I want to shoot you straight…I don’t have that cool of a story to tell you.

I was never obese, nor was I a professional athlete (although I did play football from Kindergarten through my Freshman year in College).

I didn’t have an eating problem growing up (my parents might tell you that their grocery bill would say otherwise though ?

But you know what I am?

I’m just your average guy who used to be an “athlete”, has a wife and 3 kids, has a mortgage, a business (that I love)…and not a whole lot of extra time in the day.

Why do you care??? 

Well…in A LOT of ways I’m just like you.

(Please bear with me for a minute while I give you a quick summary of my last 20 years…I think you’ll understand why when you finish reading it)

When I stopped playing Football back in the day (21 years ago to be exact), I kept eating like I was still playing.  My girlfriend and I went to eat Fast Food 1 to 2 times PER DAY (I still can’t believe that).  I wasn’t getting any exercise.  And I gained 30 lbs in a BIG hurry!  It was literally the first time I remember being embarrassed to have my shirt off around people.

So…I started exercising, stopped drinking Dr. Pepper, and stopped going out to eat at Fast Food (it has literally been 18 years since I have visited a McDonald’s…I’m kinda proud of that).

And I lost 20 lbs in like 3 days (lol, more like 3 or 4 weeks)…

Missioned accomplished!

Sound familiar?

Things were going fantastic pretty much all through my Twenties.

I got married to my beautiful wife (Jen), and we bought a house.  We weren’t making a ton of money, but we still went on a bunch of cool trips.  And I ate pretty well and I exercised most days of the week.

Then BOOM…I hit my thirties.

The wheels started falling off!

We had 3 children (that’s my family in the picture above), I opened up my own business, I didn’t have as much time to exercise (even though I owned a gym), I started  making more money, we discovered how much fun it is to eat gourmet food and drink wine, and…

That same 15-20 lbs keeps creeping back on.  Once I hit a certain point with my clothes, I can just feel it.  I always know when it’s time to do something about it.

Except when you’re in your thirties, it’s not nearly as easy!  What used to take me 3 weeks, now took 3 months.

Fast forward to now…

This past August, I turned 40: Now my joints are starting to talk to me, I have to be really strict with my nutrition, schedule times to exercise, stretch (no one does that in their twenties), and pay attention to my blood pressure…WTF?!?!

Sound like anyone you know?

(Please keep reading…I promise it will all start to make sense)

Here is also what also happened over the last 20 + years: I started studying working out, and weight training at 15 (my Dad was a Power-Lifter)…and got my first training job at the YMCA when I was 18!  Through my twenties I trained at 8 different gyms, several parks, people’s homes, and even my old apartment’s gym.

During that time I studied under many trainers (some great and some just plain idiots), have tried and tested many different programs/diets…experiencing some amazing successes and some horrible crashes.

I have personally worked with clients that experienced CRAZY results (you know the kind of results that are hard to believe the “before and after” pictures).

I have also learned quite a bit of what NOT to do as a Personal Trainer from all my years of experience (I mentioned that I have been a Certified Personal Trainer now for 21 years).

All those years of “experimenting” with clients and my own body have taught me EXACTLY what it takes to get YOU the results that you desperately want.

I have personally gone through, and I’m still refining what it takes at our age to get in the best shape possible…without selling your soul to the Fitness Gods.

It’s my mission in life to educate and motivate “average” people like you and me to achieve Extraordinary Results…

And, if it’s all right with you…

I’d like to teach you what it takes to transform YOUR body so that people say “Damn, you look great!  What have you been doing?”

Does that sound like something you’d be interested in?

If so, please fill out the form below…and I will give you a call ASAP.

We will spend a few minutes on the phone and see if it makes sense for us to meet in person.

I look forward to talking with you!

Committed To Your Success,

Sean Millhouse

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