Someone who brings out the best in those they serve. Someone who helps others become more than they would have on their own.  Motivator, Educator, source of inspiration, voice of reason, leader...

Sean Millhouse is the proud father of 3 children (Ben, Jackson and Caroline).  He started Fitness 101 about the same time he married the love of his life (Jen) 15 years ago.

Sean has been an ACE Certified Personal Trainer for over 20 years and holds a Bachelor of Business Administration from the University of Houston – Downtown.  Also through ACE, he is a certified Medical Exercise Specialist.

Through his "Smart" Personal Training Programs…Sean has worked with over 4,000 Spring Klein residents, including several local celebrities and successful business owners. His focus is on helping people who are sick and tired of aching joints and having no energy. Sean teaches that if we implement a Smart fitness and nutrition plan, we can re-energize our bodies and live the active lifestyle we deserve.  He believes in All Gain...No Pain.

To help change lives through fitness…Sean offers his knowledge for lunch-and-learn opportunities, health and fitness seminars, and various charity functions.

Sean also regularly emails his followers to help keep them current with health and fitness topics.


7107 FM 2920 Rd. Suite 400B