Registration Is Currently Closed For Our Popular 6 Week Transformation Challenge

I am sorry you missed the registration for my current 6 Week Transformation Challenge.

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What Is Included In The 6 Week Transformation Challenge?

  • 3 Workouts Per Week

    You will have access to 3 Workouts per week with my Personal Training (in a Small Group setting) program.  I have 23 different times each week to choose from.

  • REAL Food Based Nutrition Plan

    I will provide you with all the support and guidance you need to “Detox” your body with 100% Real Food.  Sample Meal Plans, Grocery Lists, Recipes, Time-Saving Tips, etc. are all included.  I will not be pushing any pills, potions or gimmicks.  I want you to eat Real Foods, that hopefully you cook!

  • Custom Designed Cardio & Recovery Plan

    I will design a plan for YOU that tells you how much (and what kind) of cardio you need to do to be a Fat Burning machine.  And I will also give you detailed instructions on what exercises/stretches you need to perform to release sore/tight muscles.

  • Before, During & After Measurements

    I will perform several assessments before, during and after the Transformation Challenge to ensure that you see the most progress possible.

  • Accountability, Accountability, Accountability

    I will be holding you accountable for your actions.  I will have Progress Meetings (in person) where you will have the opportunity to ask questions.  You will have access to a Private Facebook Group so that you can help stay motivated by sharing your daily wins.

  • You Get The Support From Our Awesome Fitness 101 Family

    You will get the love and support from our Fitness 101 Family for the entire 6 Weeks…including our Transformation Challenge graduates.

My Location: 

7107 FM 2920 Rd. Suite 400 B  Spring, TX  77379

Below is my current Personal Training Schedule:

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • q-iconShould I do the Transformation Challenge?

    I honestly think just about anyone can and should register.  It doesn’t matter if you have been working out for years, or just starting out. Unless you are at your goal weight, bodyfat, or you are just 100% happy with where you are…then you can always make some progress!

  • q-iconWhen does the Transformation Challenge start?

    I run the Transformation Challenges 3-4 times per year.  Once I open registration, it starts as soon as you sign up.  We will schedule a time to get you measured ASAP, set your goal(s), give you your plan…then Boom you’re on your way.

  • q-iconWho will I be competing against?

    Yourself.  The Transformation Challenge is not a competition against other people.  It is about setting goals for yourself, with a deadline, and achieving it.  Plain and simple.

  • q-iconHow much is it to register for the 6 Week Transformation Challenge?

    The registration fee is $299 ($579 Value).  There are no other (hidden) fees.

  • q-iconWhen is the Orientation?

    I will hold a group orientation (in person).  I strongly encourage you to attend!  During the Orientation I will focus mainly on the Nutrition component of the Transformation Challenge.  I explain what is expected of you during the 2 phases of the Nutrition Plan (Elimination & Re-Introduction).  Plus, I will give you several tips & tricks, and go over all the tools available to help you succeed.

  • q-iconWhen are the Accountability Meetings?

    The meetings will be announced at the Orientation.  I hope that you can attend most (if not all) of them.  There will be so many great questions and answers that come up during this time.  And they will provide some fun and encouraging moments for the group!

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