Bootcamp Class Descriptions

Metabolic Circuit

Our Metabolic Circuit classes are the foundation of our Bootcamp.  We use different types of resistance to achieve a total body workout.  We move from station to station (in a circuit fashion) with little to no rest in between.  Rest is given in between rounds.

Metabolic Circuit (Advanced)

These classes are similar to the Metabolic Circuit classes in structure, but are performed in a way that makes them for more advanced Bootcampers.  We use more resistance, perform harder variations of exercises, and take less breaks.  The advanced classes are not the best place to start for a beginner.

Abs & Ass

This class is exactly what it says: we focus on the abs and ass (glutes).  These muscle groups are what makes your core stronger.  The exercises will be performed in combinations that keep your heart rate up.

Cardio Boxing

All the exercises in this class are similar to what a boxer would use to become better.  We utilize exercises that develop strength, power, endurance and chiseled arms.  At various times throughout the workout, you will have the chance to punch on several of our hanging bags (with proper instruction).  We have a few sets of boxing gloves to borrow...but most of these class participants end up buying their own gloves.

ILMAK (Advanced)

It stands for I Love My Ass Kicked.  Simply stated: this class is extremely tough!  The exercises and circuits we do during this class are performed at a high level.  We throw the kitchen sink at you during this class.  Warning: We DO NOT recommend this class unless you have been working out at high level for 6 months or more (and maybe not even then).